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Outdoor Furniture with Class

Until Breezesta™ Poly Outdoor Furniture, the great outdoors wasn’t so great on outdoor furniture. Metal rusted. Wood splintered. Paint faded and chipped. Webbing tore. Aluminum frames bent. Every year thousands of HDPE milk jugs and water bottles are rescued from America's waste stream and recycled into sturdy poly lumber at our Lancaster PA plant. The result is safe, maintenance-free, stylish furniture that is affordably priced for your backyard or patio.

If you would like to purchase merchandise please 

Coastal Adirondack Chair

Coastal Adirondack Rocker

Contemporary Adirondack Chair

Coastal Counter Chair

Sun Chaiser Contour

Chaise Lounge Chair w/ Wheels

Chaise Lounge Chair

Backless Bench

Tete-a Tete   Table Top

Coffee Table

Swinging Bench

Rocking Bench

Garden Bench

Round Conversation Table

Conversation Table

Choosing colors

20 Vibrant Colors and Every One is Green™

Breezesta has the largest color selection of recycled poly in the industry. We take the industry way beyond white into 20, rich and vibrant colors. From Seafoam and Blueberry to Weatherwood and Forest Green, only Breezesta offers a wide range of colors that allow your customers to match their furniture to their personal style. Colors are consistent from season to season. Customers can buy year after year without fear of mis-matched or slightly askew colors.

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