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Landscaping is our specialty and our passion. We can provide you with drought-tolerant landscaping solutions, improving the value of your home with a landscape that will look beautiful and stay beautiful, even in the harsh West Texas heat. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is committed to providing superior customer service with a customer-first approach and strict attention to detail that is unmatched in the field. If you already have a plan in place, we like to work with our clients' landscape architects as well as interior designers, lending our time, experience, and advice to their plans. 


Your Initial Consultation


For an initial consultation, we will arrange a time to meet with you to discuss your landscaping needs and budget. We prefer to start with a copy of your plot plan (survey) which gives us the details we need to draw a design. We do not require a fee to prepare a design and proposal. It usually takes two weeks to prepare.

Your Design


Once the design and proposal are complete, we will contact you to schedule an appointment time to discuss the details of the design with you. We prefer that all parties involved with the project be present during design and bid discussions. If the proposal is accepted, we will be able to estimate a start date based on our current work schedule.


Note: The design that we present to discuss your project is an original and cannot be left with the customer. A copy will be made and given to you when a contract is accepted or when you purchase your plant material for DIY installation. In the event a copy of the design is requested prior to making a commitment on the project, a price will be quoted for the cost of the design at the time of the request. The fee is a non refundable price and paid at the time the copy is received. If the work proposed in the design is undertaken at a future date, the design fee can be applied to the cost of the project.


Whether you need a simple home landscape or want to dress up your commercial property, years of experience and knowledge are at your disposal. Call us or stop by and tell us all about your proposed landscaping project!

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